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Pocono Track Day October 12, 2010 10/15/2010

Exotics Rally leased the Pocono Race Track for a full day Even with the slight threat of rain all participants crossed their fingers and made the trek to the Poconos We were very thrilled to find out that the bad weather passed through at night and the day was filled with very mild weather and plenty of sunshine.

Bentley Motors also contributed as a sponsor and brought 2 Bentley SuperSports for all to drive and enjoy on the track as well.

We were fortunate to run the FULL NASCAR Tri-Oval for the first half of the day and then the 25 mile long course with the infield after lunch It was then decided to switch back to the oval which was enjoyed the most out of the day.

All in all it was fabulous Great People Great Cars Great Food Great Weather JUST GREAT Thank you to all who participated and stay tuned for next years Pocono Track Day which will be on a weekend to draw more of a crowd!

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