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Exotics Rally 1st Run of 2010 Triple White Photo Shoot 03/15/2010

March 7 2010 Exotics Rally took advantage of the amazing weather we were having by organizing an informal run to Captree State Park. Here is where the entire NY Metro area congregates every Sunday morning from 6am - 11am. Flooding the parking lots are Exotics Imports European and of course Muscle Cars of all ages.

Exotics Rally was in FULL strength with approximately 80 cars including Lmaborghini Diablo 60 Gallardo's Ferrari's Vipers Porsche Maserati Audi R8 GTR's and many more beautiful cars all rolled together as one.

There we enjoyed each others company and checked out everyone's rides. I arranged a photo shoot with C3 Photography for my 3 white knights.

2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera (1 of 9)

2009 Nissan GTR

2008 Mitusubishi EVO X MR

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